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I miss those sandbox days,
When everything was simplistic.
When days felt as though they'd never end,
When Playgrounds were "The place to be."
Cool kids were determined
By the amount of crayons they had,
Our parents were our best friends,
And our father was our hero.
When boys had cooties
And heartbreaks were non-existent.
When Falling off our bikes
Were the worst thing we could think of.
When scrapes and bruises
Could be healed with a mother's kiss.
Friends were just what they were called,
And were determined by your personality,
And enemies were just petty rivalries
Your responsibilities
Consisted only of homework,
And nothing more.
Your alert to come home
came from your mother yelling
From the back door.
When Barbies and dinkies
Were the "it" things,
People didn't care about
What you were wearing.
Money was no object,
And we were so carefree
Lighthearted and curious.
Tears only fell
When we didn't get our toy
We wanted so badly.
We were SO anxious to grow up,
To become a "big kid,"
And to leave our childhood behind
In a cloud of dirt.
I guess what I'm saying is,
Where did it end?
Where did the simple days go?
When did life get so complicated?
I always thought being a teenager
Was SO basic, I could do
Whatever I wanted,
Rent and work
was the last thing on our mind,
Driving and freedom was the first.
But now, Looking back,
I realize that was my time
To be carefree and unleashed
But I didn't take advantage of that time.
I was too eager to just Grow up.
My first Deviation :D <(^.^<)(>^.^)> Yay yay!
So this poem kind of talks about the simplicity of childhood and how we take it for granted when were going through it but miss it when their gone.
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Snowy-Adopts Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Your art has been featured!…
TokyoCarWash Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you so much! I'm hoping to begin posting more soon! It's been so long since I was on
I-Lost-My-Way Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful!!! Well done! :clap:
TokyoCarWash Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you! and thanks for the favorite :)
I-Lost-My-Way Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome! :aww:
XenyaBromsson Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
i've been thinking about doing a poem about this subject for awhile, but i could never figure out a way to make it sound right. you did such a great job about this though, that i'm really glad i didn't
:) i feel the same way
TokyoCarWash Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you VERY much! :)
erco71 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
so true..:)
TokyoCarWash Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Student General Artist
It's so sad that its true
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